WiFi Radar Pro - Main Wireless Monitoring window WiFi Radar Pro - Status Bar Item dialog screenshot WiFi Radar Pro - Export Wireless report screenshot

Scan, monitor and troubleshoot any wireless network.

The easy way.

WiFiRadar Pro 2.3.1 b/1076
Minimum Requirements: OSX 10.7
macOS Sierra ready.

Live monitoring at your fingertips with all info at a glance.
Everything you need at a glance: SSID, BSSID, Signal, Noise + More!
Graphical charts for better visualization - all live!
Easily connect to any network (Open, WEP, or WPA/WPA2) with just one click.
Ultra-secure Password storage, to keep them safe.
Status Item tool to replace the default OSX Wireless tool.
Live monitoring and Signal/Noise charts
Wireless monitoring: All in a neat table
View useful info & Connect to any network from your Status Bar
Troubleshoot and Export your monitoring data

  What the users say


Being a network administrator and going everywhere with my MacBook Pro, I couldn't do without this little gem of an app. Works great (tested with the onboard Airport card), fast, real-time data, nice graphics. Perfect for WiFi monitoring!

Peter Cornfield- United States


I've been waiting for something like this since I converted to Macs. I've always been playing with Wireless networks and that bit was something I've been missing a lot. Works smoothly. And I really like the interface too!

DenverBroncoMan- United States


Vous cherchez un outil simple pour scanner les réseaux WiFi à proximité, trouver le canal le moins utilisé, repérer les hotspot dans les parages, mesurer l'atténuation, cet outil est parfait.

Gerard ledoyen- France


Habe die App soeben gekauft und getestet. Alle meine heimischen WLANs (und die der Nachbarn) wurden erfolgreich angezeigt und über einen Graphen die Stärke live demonstriert. Funktioniert super und ist zum Prüfen der WLAN-Stärke in den Bereichen der Wohnung zu prüfen, ob ggfs. ein Repeater in einem Raum / Stockwerk notwendig wäre.

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